Why horseback riding at Hannagan Meadows?

Let's get ready for a rideIt is a unique place with a long history, besides being at 9,100 feet.  Cooler weather and mountain scenery.  Just follow U.S. 191, formerly known as “The Devil’s Highway”,  on very windy mountain road which has move than 400 curves.  Below is some brief history for those of you that like to know more about the area view website.

Located at mile post 230.7 is Hannagan Meadow.  Picture yourself in Hannagan Meadow in June 1926 along the 6,000 others including Governor W.P. Hunt who gave the newly completed road the name “Coronado Trail”.  Robert Hannagan, a Nevada miner, came to the area in the late 1890’s to raise cattle.  A coin toss with another rancher, Toles Cosper, resulted in the meadow being named after Hannagan.  At 9,100 feet elevation, Hannagan Meadow is a picture of beauty in all seasons.  The highway was once U.S. 666, “The Devil’s Highway”, and later renumbered to U.S. 191 and designated a National Scenic Byway.

The highway of the beast route U.S. 666, along with 69, are probably some of the less popular highway numbers.  U.S. 666 became an extension of U.S. 191 in 1992.  ADOT says they did it for route continuity (as it runs from Douglas, AZ to Gallup, NM to Monticello, UT, and because a north-south route isn’t suppose to have an even number, but you can guess why they really did it.

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