Where to Begin

Horseback riding tip signBasic Information for Horseback Riding with Chuck’s Trail Riding at Hannagan Meadow
  1. Reservations are strongly recommended. Please make your reservation at least a 24 hours ahead of time. Sometimes we can schedule your ride the same day.  Check availability online or call us for same day reservation.
  2. All rides are guided by experienced wranglers. Please do not separate from the wranglers.
  3. All rides are walk only trails along the scenic Coronado Trail in Arizona’s Blue Range Primitive Area.
  4. Our weight limits are based on height-weight ratios, but are not exact. Generally the maximum weight is 250 lbs up to 6 feet tall and 275 lbs for the folks over 6 feet tall. You must be able to manage and handle your own weight, loading yourself from the ground onto the horse with little assistance from our staff.
  5. Minors should be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian and be a minimum age to ride of 6 years old with the required waiver form completed.
  6. Riding helmets are available for those who choose to wear them. We request that all children under the age of 17 use the provided head gear.
  7. Youngsters ride by themselves, depending on their size and ability. We do not double ride.
  8. We recommend wearing jeans, closed-toed shoes, and long sleeves. Layering of clothing works best and ensures you have a comfortable and have a safe ride.
  9. Rides can be scheduled throughout the day based on length of ride and availability.
  10. All riders must have a complete waiver form. Children must have their waivers completed by the parent or legal court appointed guardian prior to ride (grand parents are not legal guardian unless you have gone to court for guardianship). Adults and Children may not ride if a waiver has not been completed.
  11. Once you have been mounted on a horse, we need to have your remain on that horse until the ride returns to the barn. All riders need to remain with their group, please do not separate from the wranglers.
  12. We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
  13. If you require any special accommodations in order to ride, please contact us to see if that is available for riders and horses safety.

The typical ride begins after some instruction from the wrangler, and then you’ll saddle up to begin the ride.  Our wranglers love taking people on this ride along some of the more spectacular mountain trails.

Our horse trail riding guided tours can be tailored specifically to fit your Arizona horseback riding needs. We do not do “head to tail” riding (except where forest trails dictate).  This gives the opportunity for a more personalized tour and the ability to ask questions and discuss what you are seeing with your guide. Arizona horseback riding is our specialty, so come on out and treat yourself and your family to the horseback riding vacation of your dreams.

Please note WE DO NOT RUN our horses due to the rocky mountain terrain, forest trees and other vegetation,  for the riders’ and horses’ safety.  You must listen to and remain with our staff at all times.

To enjoy horseback riding, go early in the cool morning air, or later in the day to enjoy the sunset.  We do have to say that in the afternoon is when the Monsoon Storms roll in which can make for a wet ride.  We horseback trail ride in rain or shine, but not when it’s lightning.  Be sure you have proper clothing for the ride (layers work best).  Please make sure you are hydrated, as you might not be use to our extremely dry weather of Arizona. Our friendly, experienced cowgirls and cowboys will mount you up on one of our gentle trail riding horses. There’s plenty of time on this casual ride for pictures as our guides lead you through the White Mountain Forest and back country trails.

If at any time you have questions regarding a ride, please contact us by email at info@chuckstrailridingadventures.com or call 928-387-1981.

Chuck’s Trail Riding Adventures LLC is proudly an Equal Opportunity Provider and Permittee of the U.S. Forest Service in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest, Alpine Ranger District.